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How to Curate Your Career

Have you ever thought about your career as a unique collection? Or that you are a limited edition of one? This presentation about career development is unlike any you’ve heard before. You will learn:

  • Common mistakes we make in career decisions and how to avoid them
  • The important role values play in our career satisfaction and happiness
  • A new way to make career decisions

Can we Talk? Tackling Tough Topics with Clients, Co-workers and More*

Problems only fester and multiply when they go unaddressed. Most of us still resist difficult conversations. In this engaging, informative program, you will learn:

  • Why we get stressed about discussing difficult subjects
  • How to de-stress and prepare for dialogue
  • Proven methods for moving conversations forward

Cracking the Confidence Code – What It Is and How to Have It*

This is a popular keynote for professional groups. In this program, you will learn:

  • Why women often have less confidence than their male counterparts
  • Practical steps to build self-confidence immediately
  • How to project confidence and be bolder

How to Get the Business You Want Starting Now

As professionals, we respond to the urgent and often fail to set ourselves up for success. In this program, you will learn:

  • Common reasons we don’t market our services consistently
  • How to be more productive and make time for marketing
  • Strategies to grow your business starting now
*CLE approved
After I found a new position, Dena continued to work with me, and made my first six months far less stressful and far more productive than I have ever experienced in a new job and new place. Dena assessed my strengths and “areas of opportunity” and helped me understand situations and circumstances in which I was most likely to fall into unhelpful behaviors. More than that, Dena taught me to find satisfaction in what I do, and I have been more content in this position than ever before in my professional life.
Amy Sellars, Assistant General Counsel at Walmart
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Dena was a featured speaker by these and other organizatons:

  • WOMENomics​® 2019
  • Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Montgomery County Bar Association
  • Delaware County Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Bar Institute
  • Bucks County Bar Association
  • Chester County Bar Association
  • Professional Business Network
  • American Executive Center
  • Greater Philadelphia Association of Corporate Counsel
  • PA Newspaper Association Media Lawyers Conference
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Annual Training
  • Pennsylvania Coalition of Charter Schools
  • Guest Lecturer University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • National Business Institute
  • Elder Law Attorneys

Dear Dena,

I don’t often send a formal thank you for a continuing legal education presentation.

As you know I’ve both given and attended literally hundreds of speeches and CLEs nationally.

Your presentation, “Cracking Confidence – what it is and how to get it” was among the best I’ve ever witnessed in my career. To call it a speech or CLE is a disservice. This presentation was more an inspirational and motivational address.

Your speech was inspirational, practical, visionary and hopeful. It should, of course, be a staple for women’s committees within business and law, but it is also a must for both seasoned and entry level professionals including investors, lawyers and political leaders.

This should be “required reading” for every corporate and legal group striving for a more united and more effective work force and for those inspired leaders who want to offer their team a visionary how-to.

It was a perfect amalgam of your expertise as an executive coach, lawyer and a woman of uncommon common sense. Your business and legal experience was a great touchstone. Confidence and effectiveness would no doubt move up the chart for those who experience this unusually creative presentation.

Please add me to the long list of those offering kudos for an exceptional – and helpful – address.

I hope you will invite me when this speech lands you a national keynote or an upcoming TED talk!

Terry Mutchler, Esq.