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We coach attorneys, accountants and executives to operate at peak performance. Come experience the powerful difference coaching can make in your career and life!

Working with a coach, whether you’re an attorney, accountant or athlete, greatly enhances performance. Coaching is a partnership designed to elicit powerful solutions to increase existing strengths and address any performance-related concerns at any level.

Together, we identify and tackle areas of your professional where you are stuck, stymied or stagnant and create an action plan to improve them. Whether it’s getting more clients, making more money or finding time in your schedule, it can be done.

Don’t wait. Take the first step to achieving your goals and dreams. Set up a free initial consultation. Contact me at 215-696-3079,, or send me a message.

How To Create A Roadmap To Your Ideal Law Practice

A Workshop on developing strategies to maximize your earning potential
Approved for 4 CLE Credits (1 ethics and 3 substantive)

Need help managing your time, building your client base and developing your business?

Then take this 4 CLE credit workshop described as effective and informative by participants. Get focused on thinking and planning your future strategically.

We will take you through a course (approved for 4 CLE credits, 3 Substantive and 1 Ethics) designed to change the way you run your practice and business.

Join business strategist John Tooher and lawyer coach Dena Lefkowitz for a focused workshop especially designed for the legal profession. A maximum of 15 attendees per workshop.

DATES: Tuesday, August 28, 2018
TIME: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
LOCATION: HeadRoom, 230 Sugartown Road, Wayne PA 19087

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I am a professional coach with a national practice, helping clients in all walks of life achieve career satisfaction, polish marketing skills, increase confidence, improve work/life balance and rediscover their sense of purpose and joy. During my 20th year of practicing law, I made the decision to become a coach. After reinventing myself several times and transitioning from deeply unhappy lawyer to one with a great sense of purpose and direction, I wanted to help others do the same in their careers and lives. I am certifed by the International Coach Federation and a former board member of the Philadelphia chapter. I have successfully coached a best-selling author, lawyers, accountants, and chief executives in many industries. I graduated from Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia and the College of Executive Coaching in California.

I am a regular contributor on The Legal Intelligencer and The Huffington Post. Read my latest articles:

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