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Lawyer Coaching

As a lawyer and coach, I understand the challenges new and seasoned lawyers face.

As a lawyer since 1988, I have experienced just about everything (view my LinkedIn profile). I have worked in various specialties and settings. For twelve years, I was a litigator handling negligence cases for plaintiffs and defending them for insurance companies. My practice branched out to franchise, construction, consumer protection and professional negligence matters. For eight years I worked in education law as Assistant General Counsel to the School District of Philadelphia and later as General Counsel to the Chester Upland School District, where I developed significant expertise in all aspects of education law and tax assessment appeals.

As Chief Counsel for the Department of Economic and Community Development’s Office of Open Records, I was instrumental in developing practices, procedures and interpretations under the Right to Know Law as amended in 2009.

As a coach, I bring over two decades of practical legal experience to my practice. My background includes counseling clients, strategic planning, problem solving, developing resources, creating alliances, marketing, team work, increasing productivity, managing substantial work loads, meeting deadlines and ensuring accountability.

Clients present issues both professional and personal and, in either case, we set goals, design actions, measurable outcomes and accountability benchmarks.

I have practiced in a wide range of environments, including small and mid-sized law firms and government agencies. Chances are I have been where you are now.

My coaching services include:

  • Career development
  • Marketing
  • Improving your business
  • Attracting clients
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Time management
  • Transitions to:
    • a new firm
    • a new corporation
    • a new industry
    • a new field of practice
    • a solo practice
  • Coping with firm culture
  • Managing a difficult boss or colleague
  • Life balance
  • The coaching process includes:
    • goal setting
    • timelines
    • action steps
    • measurable outcomes
    • accountability

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