Winning in Your Own Court: 10 Laws for a Successful Career without Burning Out or Selling Out

By Dena Lefkowitz | Published by the American Bar Association

Nautilus Book Award | Independent Press Award | Pinnacle Book Award | Reader’s Favorite

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Winning In Your Own Court by Dena Lefkowitz

Table of Contents:
Assess the Situation
Investigate Before You Commit
Don’t Double Down on Past Decisions
Curate Your Career
Mind Your Mindset
Hone Your Soft Skills
Make It Rain
It’s Not Too Late
Create an Environment for Change
Tend to Your Well-Being

More importantly, she provides tools for helping lawyers choose the best path at each career crossroads. In “Winning in Your Own Court,” Dena Lefkowitz helps readers re-envision and reinvigorate their careers and their lives.
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How satisfied are you with your legal career? Do you struggle to build a practice, make partner in your law firm, or achieve a promotion? If so, Winning in Your Own Court provides winning strategies to become a rainmaker and influencer.

Perhaps you don’t like practicing law and feel stuck. Winning in Your Own Court offers a model for career transformation.

And, if you love the law, it shows you how to rise to the top.

Most lawyers don’t realize law school is only the first step toward a fulfilling career. They learn to think like lawyers but are left without a roadmap for a successful, satisfying career. Author Dena Lefkowitz bridged that gap for herself, has taught these missing lessons to hundreds of lawyers as a professional coach, and laid out her processes and techniques in this book. In Winning in Your Own Court, she shares 10 laws she developed during her 20-plus years as a successful attorney and subsequently as a coach.

Lefkowitz shares client stories about lawyers who struggled with business development, who weren’t making partner and didn’t know why, who were encountering career dilemmas, who were unhappy in the law, and who loved what they did but didn’t know how to get to the next level. She then helped them build a book of business, make partner in their firm, achieve more in their practice, or even make a transition to another career. She and they did it all using the techniques presented in this book.

This book can help you, too. You will learn how to assess where you are, determine what needs to change to get where you want to be and create a plan to do so. Every situation has its a solution and you will learn how to find yours. And, then you can do it whenever your career needs a tuneup. Whatever your next move is, Winning in Your Own Court will help you get you there.

Dena was instrumental in helping me sort through my thoughts and find achievable, actionable plans. When we first met, my inner voice often left me doubting myself; now I have a new tune playing in my head – one of empowerment and promise! Thank you Dena!
Lori Williams, VP Market Development & Channel Sales at SAP
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