Testimonials: What they are saying about Dena

Don’t we all wish we could find someone who listens to us intently, and helps us choose steps that are consistent with our values to help us achieve our goals? Dena is such a coach.

Minnie Alexander, Esq.,Assistant General Counsel, The Walt Disney Company

Don’t we all wish we could find someone who listens to us intently, and helps us choose steps that are consistent with our values to help us achieve our goals? Dena is such a coach. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She always comes up with the precise pearl of wisdom that I need to help me figure out what I need to do. I’ve found Dena’s coaching extremely valuable as I navigated changes in my professional and personal life. I highly recommend her informed and practical approach to coaching. Each coaching session motivates me because it ends with the question, what’s next?
Minnie Alexander, Esq.,Assistant General Counsel, The Walt Disney Company

My coaching experience with Dena was of the most important investments I have made in my professional development. On a practical level, Dena helped me learn to manage my time and develop skills to confront difficult and draining situations She also provided valuable insight as a confidant and sounding board. That insight helped me clarify my goals and come to appreciate my value. I highly recommend using her coaching services to help you work through goals you may want to achieve or to navigate through any professional hurdles you are facing. It was an excellent use of my time, energy and resources.
Caroline J. Patterson, Esq., Partner at Wade, Goldstein, Landau, and Abruzzo, P.C.

Dena captures her audiences by combining her presentations with thoughtful, informative content, videos that drive the message, and professional facilitation. She has the talent for taking important business topics and delivering a presentation that keeps your attention and have you talking about it long after the session. She is on top of current business trends and she provides guidance for success. I recommended her to speak at the 2019 Womenomics conference as keynote speaker and she wowed the audience. Well done Dena!
Denise Romanelli , Senior Consultant, CCI Consulting, A Career Partners International Firm

Dena gave a very clear, knowledgeable and friendly presentation to the Delaware County Trial Lawyers Association about building a client base. Dena uses a holistic approach, providing not only “nuts and bolts” suggestions regarding building your practice, but incorporating how personal attributes, time management skills, clearing both physical and mental clutter and other “outside the box” issues impact the ability to generate and maintain business. Anyone who is trying to build their business would benefit from Dena’s presentation.
Lisanne Mikula, Esq., DiOrio & Sereni, LLP

Dena has proven herself time and time again as an expert coach, wonderful author and compelling speaker I attended one of her recent presentations on marketing for service providers and thought it was superior: she provided meaningful and insightful information in an interactive format, with tips that attendees could implement immediately. Dena has coached my clients in an exceptional and very effective way. You are lucky to be working with Dena!
Lisa Tierney , Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Author

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dena. She helped me both professionally and personally.

Sandy Hill, Real Estate Attorney at Cozen O’Connor

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dena. She helped me both professionally and personally. When I first re-connected with Dena, we discussed where I was in my career and where I saw my career going. With that information in mind, we identified and developed my goals (small and large) for 2019. My goals included confidence, time management, professional development, etc. I worked with Dena over the course of 6 months during which Dena helped me re-wire my thoughts in order to develop confidence in myself and where I was professionally. She also set me up with time management skills to keep me on track for the year to come. I am looking forward to working with Dena again throughout my career. She has become more than a coach, but a friend as well!
Sandy Hill, Real Estate Attorney at Cozen O’Connor

I have been working with Dena as my business coach for the last three years. Not only is she a terrific business coach, she is also a life coach. Her excellent listening skills are the key to merging great advice on business development that is in tune with your own unique personality. Bottom line, “do life” with Dena!
James Rohn, Chairman, Conrad O’Brien, P.C.

I’ve worked with, and known, many coaches over the course of my career and Dena is one of the best. She really cares about her clients and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. In an age where client service is a term that used a lot, Dena effectively practices what she preaches. She is a wonderful listener, a seasoned writer, a compassionate and mindful mentor, and a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. What else could you want from your coach.
Cole Silver, Esq., Director of Client Relations at Blank Rome LLP

Dena is genuinely passionate about helping her clients! From our very first meeting, she exuded positivity and was great at communicating all of her ideas and advice. She is an excellent coach and I feel very fortunate that we crossed paths!
Adam Pincus, Instructional Designer at Villanova University

Dena taught me to find satisfaction in what I do, and I have been more content in this position than ever before in my professional life.

Amy Sellars, Assistant General Counsel at Walmart

I hired Dena as a coach after reading one of her thoughtful articles, which I recommend whether you are using Dena as a coach or not. I had reached a point of little growth in my current position with a company that was suffering from market instability. Dena’s clear and objective writing made me realize that I needed that kind of voice to guide me.

Dena immediately helped me devise a focused job search strategy and to think about my career as an attorney rather than just a new job. Working with me, she inventoried my skills and goals, and helped me narrow the positions to which I applied. She also helped me tailor my “story” – the answer to the horrible “Tell us about yourself” question, and worked with me until I could maintain my poise and pitch my relevance in any interview situation. She referred me to an excellent resume service, and gave me strategies for getting around the “black hole” of online portal applications. Dena also taught me patience along the way, and kept me from doubting myself, not an easy task during a job search.

After I found a new position, Dena continued to work with me, and made my first six months far less stressful and far more productive than I have ever experienced in a new job and new place. Dena assessed my strengths and “areas of opportunity” and helped me understand situations and circumstances in which I was most likely to fall into unhelpful behaviors. More than that, Dena taught me to find satisfaction in what I do, and I have been more content in this position than ever before in my professional life.

Dena put a great deal of effort into our coaching sessions, was always well prepared, and gave me meaningful, concrete work to do independently between sessions. Dena is very responsive to inquiries or requests for advice between coachings. I highly recommend Dena to any attorney seeking help with a change or becoming better in her current role.
Amy Sellars, Assistant General Counsel at Walmart

Coaching with Dena brought immediate results to my life and my work, and those tools continue to help me on a daily basis.

Terry Mutchler

As a lawyer, journalist and author, I am cynical by nature. Dena’s coaching was going to have to be very obvious for me to believe in it. Coaching with Dena brought immediate results to my life and my work, and those tools continue to help me on a daily basis. The most key example I could share of success directly linked to coaching is that I took a dusty manuscript, stalled for years, and with Dena’s help, managed to land an agent, get a book contract and ended up on the Rachel Maddow Show. I had left the book unattended for six years and as a result of working with Dena, I wrote a query letter, obtained an agent and a contract within one day; and got back on track writing. That’s powerful coaching. I coached with Dena through writers’ block, personal stubbornness and overwhelming confusion at times. I am happy to report that Under This Beautiful Dome: A Senator, A Journalist and the Politics of Gay Love in America (Seal 2014) gained strong reviews by Publishers Weekly; Kirkus; The Chicago Sun Times and The Los Angeles Times. NONE of this would have happened without Dena’s help. Dena worked through the mental cobwebs without judgment enabling me to put pen to paper after six years of blank pages. How did she do that? By helping me understand in practical ways what was holding me back, holding me accountable to schedules that I myself had set. And this success traversed the publishing world to my law practice. I often still use the techniques Dena helped me develop when dealing with a large project, helping avoid the age-old issues of last-minute crisis by creating a process and a plan. But don’t take my word for it. Try one session. Dena’s coaching is powerful, kind, and knows how to you get you moving — whatever the project or goal.
Terry L. Mutchler

I was in the midst of a big project, feeling overwhelmed and concerned that the pressure would prevent me from doing my best work, when a friend recommended Dena to me. When I reached out to her, Dena helped me analyze my project, break it down into manageable pieces, and develop a plan to tackle each one. I finished the project successfully and continued to work with Dena because I realized that her coaching offered even greater, long-term benefits. Dena is an ally, someone who asks questions, provokes thinking and serves as an objective observer. She’ll help you examine your priorities and goals, support your efforts to align your behaviors and choices, and encourage you to recalibrate when necessary. Her own practice is an example of how change is possible. She brings to her coaching decades of experience as a lawyer, and skills that are evidenced by her ability to zero in on clients’ issues and guide them through the discovery of solutions. She also brings an impressive array of techniques to her coaching practice, all geared toward helping you unclutter and gain clarity about what matters in your life. Dena is a straightforward, warm and supportive collaborator who genuinely delights in seeing her clients succeed. She gives her best so you can achieve yours, and I highly recommend her services without reservation.
Anita Huslin, Editor, Writer

A life coach relationship was a new experience for me. At the onset, my professional life seemed well on track, but there was underlying discontent that I was not able to clearly articulate. Dena was instrumental in helping me sort through my thoughts and find achievable, actionable plans. When we first met, my inner voice often left me doubting myself; now I have a new tune playing in my head – one of empowerment and promise! Thank you Dena!
Lori Williams, VP Market Development & Channel Sales at SAP

Dena showed up on my last day with a company I was “downsized” from. She listened patiently to my story and responded with “Well, sounds like you need me.” And, no truer words were spoken! Dena is not a hand-holder, nor does she make “listening noises” to soothe and pacify you. There is structure and purpose to her method. She challenges, motivates, sets wheels in motion, and in the end, is your biggest fan. I learned to listen to myself and hear beyond the “story” to unearth tools to build a stronger, capable, confident, me. She participates in your reconstruction with keen observations and kind words to get you there. Dena gave me a springboard to reconnect with and embrace fulfillment in my personal and professional life.
Priya Geller, Business Owner at PC+ Priyariginal Concepts

My experience working with Dena has been phenomenal. When I reflect on how effective our sessions proved to be, so quickly, it’s tempting to think that coaching works like “magic”. But of course working with a life coach toward one’s goals requires real effort, and thoughtful action. Dena has a wonderful way of listening and guiding you toward clear thinking and articulation of your goals. Her patience and support can help you stay on a steady course toward achieving what is important to you. Working with a coach can so often feel gratifying –I loved those weeks when I could knock through my list of “actionable items”– but there are also times when the “movement” toward your long term goals might feel elusive– at least it was true for me. But Dena was always mindful of my effort and progress. Especially during those times, her encouragement was invaluable. And happily, I’ve been able to apply the thinking and processes that I learned from working with Dena on my career goals, toward other aspects of my life. I am grateful for her guidance and recommend her with the greatest enthusiasm…
Anita Aguilar, Anita Aguilar Photography and Account Manager at Graphic Systems Group

I originally hired Dena when I was faced with an unplanned career change last year. I didn’t know where or how to begin my new journey, but Dena did. She guided me through setting achievable goals and shared the joy of success as I completed each one and took on another. Dena’s commitment to helping me through a challenging half year made me want to work even harder at navigating the road to new employment in a less-than-perfect economy. She helped me understand and work through the fears and roadblocks that seemed insurmountable at the time. Recently I felt ready to make another career decision, but was having trouble identifying and sorting through my options. Using her impeccable listening skills, Dena was able to help me clarify what I couldn’t identify on my own. Dena never told me what to do; instead she helped me untangle the “knot” of my thoughts. I was able to reach a point where I knew with complete certainty what I needed to do next. Even with all of the personal hard work that comes with working with a coach, Dena’s creativity and sense of humor made the process fun. I can’t imagine making a major life decision without Dena’s warmth and insight and the strength and support she provides.
Barbie Henig, Business Analyst/QA Analyst at Turnberry Solutions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dena as a life coach. Dena brings unique insights, intuition, perceptions and guidance in her coaching practice. She has a wide and diverse skill set and understanding of the human condition. Dena genuinely cares about her clients and is always prepared, thoughtful, engaged and present. I would highly recommend Dena to anyone seeking a life coach, be it for personal goal achievement or professional development.
Carl Rudnick, President & CEO at Lorel Marketing Group

Dena has been the source of a great amount of personal development and career progress for me over the course of the past year. By carefully listening to my specific needs, and providing creative and easy-to-implement suggestions to improve my communication and organization skills, Dena has been an invaluable mentor. Dena’s both funny and insightful, which helps me to truly open up to her so that we, together, can closer examine roadblocks to achieving my personal and professional goals. Since working with her, friends and colleagues have commented on my confidence level and ability to prioritize, which have been challenges for me in the past. I look forward to continuing my work with Dena and experiencing personal growth in the future – an every evolving process.
Cristina Hug, Vice President, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

I highly recommend Dena to anyone who is struggling to reach an important life goal. She is enthusiastic and talented, and will motivate you to succeed. In working with Dena, I accomplished exceeding my goal before the target date, and I attribute that significantly to her unrelenting support and skilled coaching. Reaching my goal has had a very positive impact in my everyday life and I couldn’t have done it without Dena.
Barb DiJohn, Director – Chief Customer Office, SAP America, Inc.

Dena Lefkowitz is analytical, logical, and empathetic. She is a skillful coach who loves learning more and more about how to help people become successful on their own terms. Dena is genuine and generous as she listens for every nuance that can be gleaned to support her clients’ to reach their wholesome goals.
Sheila Kutner, PCC, Co-Creater and Facilitator of the ICF Approved, FastTrack Coach Training Academy

Dena and I studied together in a Coaching programme. We had many opportunities to coach and be coached, besides conversing on a variety of topics that were discussed in the class. Dena always expressed her deep compassion for other people. She is a “natural” at being of service in a professional and caring way. I found her comments and contributions to be very insightful and appropriate. She is an avid learner and very enthusiastic about making a success of her career as a coach. Dena communicates very well. She is intelligent, articulate and clear. She coaches well. I have benefited from the occasions when Dena coached me. Given her vast experience as a lawyer, here deep compassion, and great insights and skills as a coach, she will add value and bring out value for any person she coaches. I wish her all the very best in her career as a coach.
Arun Wakhlu, Chairperson, Pragati Leadeship Institute