Dena Lefkowitz is a veteran attorney and certified professional coach who helps clients reinvigorate their careers, polish business development skills and rediscover their sense of purpose. A former board member of the International Coach Federation’s Philadelphia chapter, Lefkowitz has successfully coached a best-selling author, lawyers, and chief executives. Firms have also hired Lefkowitz, a former in-house counsel, to work directly with entry level lawyers to improve performance and increase their early contributions to the firm. She holds her BA and JD from Temple University and Temple University School of Law.

10 Nighttime Rituals That Have Helped Us Sleep Better Since the Onset of the Pandemic

Try a lavender diffuser
“I recently began to learn about essential oils. Each one has unique properties, but lavender in particular is said to reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, and promote good sleep. Every night, I’ve started putting about five drops of lavender into a diffuser before I get into bed and also rub some on my neck and chest. I inhale the scent from my palms deeply three or four times as I begin to let go. Having a nighttime practice is soothing and helps ready my brain and body for relaxation and sleep.”

—Dena Lefkowitz, lawyer coach, Media, PA[…]

9 Ways to Tackle Stress and Calm a Racing Mind Right Now

“A few weeks into quarantine, I created a vision board with the theme of ‘strength and resilience.’ When a moment of panic hits, I stand in front of it for a few minutes and absorb the beautiful and strong images  — whether it’s a photo of Billie Jean King, Oprah Winfrey, or a school principal determined to help kids out of poverty. Looking at the board gives me a sense of what I need in the moment to reset — whether that’s calling a friend, getting some exercise, or going back to work.”[…]