Seriously? Why should litigators get their own day of love?

First of all, more love – that’s a good thing, right?  (Here’s an article I wrote about giving your lawyer some appreciation).

While litigators get a share of that, they’re given this day of recognition to raise awareness and improve their image, too often vilified or the butt of a bad lawyer joke.

The truth is a litigator’s job is to stand up for you by using the law to protect and defend you by resolving your dispute in court. They file lawsuits on your behalf and defend cases against you. They stand up for your right to hold others accountable and defend you even when it’s your fault.

Litigators are also agents of change. Auto safety regulations (seat belts and airbags); the Miranda Rule (“You have the right to remain silent…”) civil rights, tenants’ rights and more all began with an injured party represented by a litigator.

Litigating takes its toll. Courtroom battles can be brutal and the other side is doing everything possible to win. So, take a moment on August 31st to consider how the commitment of trial lawyers has impacted your life. And consider showing them a little love.